Reducing Risk is Part of the Service

We focus on modernizing core insurance systems and their related data. Because projects of this nature can be difficult and risky – and costly if they’re mismanaged – we pride ourselves on our long record of success. Providing immediate and lasting value, our services include:

Integration Support
Bring new systems into the environment. One of the key steps of a legacy modernization project is integrating the new system into the existing environment, enabling it to exchange data with numerous other systems. A new claims administration system needs to get coverage verification data from the policy system. A new policy system needs to send premium and billing data to the billing system. Our technical team has designed, mapped, and programmed many integrations in the course of modernizing legacy systems. We understand insurance data, as well as the functional requirements of the system “handshakes”. And we have expertise in the mapping and transformation tools needed to achieve these critical integrations.
Legacy Replacement
The migration to new core systems. Driven by the need to increase efficiency and productivity, to reduce operating costs, to bring product to market rapidly, and to improve customer service, companies need to maximize the configurability of their new systems, even as they optimize integration with their existing IT assets. While all of those objectives are eminently achievable, a legacy replacement project is not the place for on-the-job training. We’ve led and/or supported core system replacements of all size and scopes, helping our clients ensure – and reap the benefits of – success.

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Quality Assurance
Planned, systematic activities that ensure quality requirements for a project are fulfilled. When insurers undertake systems development or acquisition projects, they may lack the resources to successfully support them. We help insurers establish, initiate, and manage complete QA departments, built around Quality Institute Standards. For their benefit, we provide reusable artifacts from building QA plans, staffing and team structure, using QA tools, and a testing methodology that stresses risk-based analysis, formal test-case development, execution, and tracking procedures.

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Process Design & Engineering
The evaluation of people and processes. As companies look to streamline operations and reduce costs, we help them analyze their current processes to find opportunities to improve existing processes, to eliminate ineffective processes, and to create new, more effective processes and workflows. From underwriting to claims, from agency automation to rate-restructuring, we’ve seen – and improved – it all.
Project Assessment
A formal project assessment methodology. We consider this “health check” on the projects we manage to be a best practice. In addition, we’re often asked to provide a third-party assessment of projects in which we’re not otherwise involved. We base our assessment service on a formal project-scoring methodology that assesses the project’s core components: requirements, staffing, project management, risk management, and vendor/software management. We then generate a predictive score that indicates the likelihood of the project’s success, as well as a prescription for project improvement. Clients who use this service rate it low intrusion/high impact. Clients often engage us for follow-up assessments at key points if their projects are lengthy and complex.
Project Management
Planning and organizing resources toward successful completion. Our project management services range from establishing and managing a new Program Control Office and all related projects, to performing project management tasks project by project. We maintain a consistent focus on optimizing every client’s project quality, timeline, budget, and outcome. And the quality of our execution, combined with our expertise, enables clear and unequivocal decision-making. Our project managers have experience in large, complex project environments with such companies as IBM and Accenture. Our senior staff members have run very large projects, are steeped in the use of formal methods, and use Project Management Institute standards (many have the PMP designation). We’re also comfortable running projects using client or third party vendor methodologies and are well-versed in waterfall and agile methods.

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Software Selection & Acquisition
The assessment and purchase of systems. Build or buy? Comprehensive single system (one vendor) or best-of-breed combination (multiple vendors)? Tough questions. But they have to be asked and assessed because there is no perfect approach – but there is a perfect approach for your company. Using our Software Selection RoadMap, we help companies understand their options, understand the implications of those options, and make the right decisions for them, reducing their risk, their cost, and their stress.

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